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NSCRA Championship Finals Dec. 5th Event Coverage

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What a beautiful weekend it was in Palm Beach, Florida! Well, for the most part. There were a couple of random short showers and a lot of cloud cover, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves! There were tons of serious cars from all over, and even out, of the country with serious setups at this event!  The only downside to the event is that many drivers and cars experienced problems, with the worst being Alberth’s 8 second 2JZ powered S2000 hitting the wall. Thankfully, he walked away and is okay.

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Here are the final results:

Outlaw Street Final
Rodolfo Mercado Wins 9.29@166 over Larry Ramnath’s 9.40@139
Hot Rod Final
Chris Gore Wins 7.84@179!! over Melvin Santana 8.14@164
True Street Final
Matt Lennen Wins 9.54@145 over Chris Green 10.16@143

Pro Stock Final
Norris Prayoonto slow win over Carlos Santiago- Problems?
Modified SC Final
Jaime Rodriguez wins 7.26@186 over Boras Rojas- no run
Extreme SC Final
Herberto Santiago wins 7.44@182 over Damon Chin- problems 17.00@83


By the way, did we mention the Hot Body Contest? We thoroughly enjoyed that as well. So much that we forgot to take pictures until nearly the end!

View the full gallery here.
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